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At William Hill…

It has been a busy few weeks at William Hill, with staff and customers alike doing all they can to support the Back Your Local Bookie campaign. Now into our second week of action, William Hill regulars are working hard to spread the word.

Staff have been busy encouraging customers to sign the in-shop petition, or to visit the online petition, as well asking them to share the campaign on Facebook with their friends.

The company has also displayed this call to action on screens in store, on eye-catching posters, and on flyers and business cards. It has been a mammoth effort, and a successful one – so far hoards of people have signed up.

William Hill has also been busy spreading the news on social media, letting industry supporters know how important it is to sign up to the campaign at this critical time.

We even had two ABB representatives visit the Head Office in Leeds to talk to staff and keep them up to date with the campaign.

Together, we can make a real difference, letting decision makers know about the 43,000 people we employ, the £1bn we contribute a year in tax, the robust measures we have in place to help problem gamblers, and the impact we have on sport nationally and in local communities.

This is important ahead of the government review into the betting industry, which could see the introduction of damaging regulation if we fail to show the positive side of our work.

We urge everyone to put their back into the campaign over the coming weeks, so that we get the maximum number of signatures possible on our petition, and keep the good news stories coming too.

So well done to everyone at William Hill and all your loyal customers, and keep up the good work!

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