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“Big days in the shop,” Helen Owens, Member of Staff at Ladbrokes, Liverpool


Despite the fact that sports and the betting industry have both been transformed over the last ten or twenty years, some things never change – such as the traditional big sporting days which still hold a huge appeal for our customers.

When we have a big event like the Grand National, the atmosphere in the shop is absolutely electric – you can feel the excitement in the air. There is a sense of growing anticipation, as the commentators get into their stride, and the jockeys and horses warm up. Just like on the racetrack, in the shop, everything is planned extensively and everyone knows their role for the day. It’s a bit like a military operation!

It really is the most exciting day of the year (after Christmas). We have plenty of staff members on the shop floor ready to greet customers as soon as they come in and offer them any help they might need with their bets. The ladies make an extra effort to look as glamorous as possible, all the food for lunch breaks is arranged and everyone is excited as the day’s action gets underway.

It’s a very intense working day, of course, but the shop teams love it – days like these are what the job’s about. Everyone meets up after work for a celebratory drink to share the stories and laughs that they’ve had with customers over the course of the day. We work hard but we make sure we enjoy ourselves too!

It is this type of community spirit that makes me love working at the bookies.

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