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UK betting sites

Best betting sites UK – List of new online Bookmakers

Which are the best betting sites? We have tried them all and here we bring you our ranking of the best sports betting sites in the UK. There are operators for all tastes but don’t worry because with our analyzes you will know all their secrets and you will be able to choose without fear of making a mistake.

List of the best betting sites in the UK for 2024

  • Outstanding client support
  • Brand-new website from the UK
  • Excellent odds in a variety of sports

  • Great football choice
  • Many bet boosts for most sports
  • Among the top bookmakers with Guaranteed Best Odds

  • Minimal Deposit of £5
  • Exceptionally Fast Sign-Up Process 
  • Great Bet Club For In-Play Betting

bet365 review
  • Rated Number 1 by users
  • Best football betting site
  • Cash out option

How do we choose the best betting sites? currently has expert reviews for over 40 bookmakers, which are ranked using a 5-star scoring system. The most important factors we use to determine which operators appear on this website and compile the ranking of the best sports betting sites are the following:

  • General site stability: Page loading speed, sporting event offerings, and registration or deposit facilities are important. Also accessibility to key information.
  • Market offering: A wide variety of betting markets always works in the player’s favor. Variety is assessed both by the volume of sporting events and the prematch and live betting options available.
  • Customer Service: A good operator will offer the best support to its players. Free live chat or phone and hours, preferably 24 hours, are important. Social networks are also gaining more and more weight.
  • Odds: The average odds, especially compared to other bookmakers, are a key factor. It allows you to know if the bookie is generous with its users or not. The higher the quota, the more profits.
  • Mobile experience: Prematch bets are as important as the live betting offer. It is quite an experience, we value navigation, markets, odds, streaming or live statistical information.
  • Live betting: live betting is quite an experience, so we take into account both the events where we can play live and the markets available in the live section of each bookie.
  • Available payment methods: Sports betting sites need to offer their users a good variety of options to deposit and withdraw funds. Including the option of using their physical premises.

The best bookmakers of 2024

It is never easy to talk about better betting sites. The easy thing is to look at the football bets or what odds they offer us, but even with uncompetitive odds we can find good bookmakers. There are many factors that influence the best betting sites, we have classified them by categories.

Best UK betting sites

Below we present the best betting sites that we find in the UK. All of them have been analyzed by our experts, and they lead the ranking:

  • BetMGM: one of the pioneers of the game in the UK. It has a long history, an easy-to-use website and very competitive rates. We can manage funds at your premises, and you have a good streaming service.
  • Bet365: a bookmaker with locations throughout UK and a betting website with a fairly high payout. It has applications for Android and iOS, and allows us to cash out our bets.
  • Betway: It was one of the first sports betting pages in the UK. It allows us to follow the events in streaming or sell our bet to ensure profits, and it covers a wide variety of sporting events.
  • William Hill: one of the most established sports betting sites that exist. A reference to British tradition, it was one of the first to allow bettors to create their own bets for certain events.
  • Unibet: a bookmaker designed for betting from mobile devices. It has a good payout, and both its application and support service have been recognized on numerous occasions as the best in the world.

Best odds betting sites

Let’s not fool ourselves, the odds are a fundamental aspect when choosing each bet. Bettors want to get the most out of every penny played, so we need to know which betting site has the best odds:

  • talkSPORT BET: its 0% margin makes it a reference operator when we talk about better odds. LaLiga, Champions League or NBA. If you are looking for the best odds, start with this betting site.
  • Betfair: one of the most important betting sites in the world, can offer us the best odds thanks, in part, to its coverage of sporting events. A benchmark in the sector.
  • Kwiff: it is not surprising that it offers us the best odds on all types of events and markets, from the Asian handicap in a soccer match to the total points in tennis or the winner of an NBA game.
  • Genteleman Jim: beyond its solidarity aspect, this bookmaker is characterized by offering competitive odds for practically any sport, event and market. If your odds are not in the top-5, we find them in the top-10.
  • Star Sports: it is probably the betting site that has the most difficulty updating odds, which allows us to find real bargains. Another bookmaker that we should always take into account.

The best bookmakers with live betting option

When choosing a bookmaker, we cannot overlook the betting options to bet live. Let’s see which are the best bookmakers to bet while the matches are being played:

  • Betfair: a leading betting site, with a wide variety of live offers that add to its wide range of prematch bets. Thanks to its streaming we can watch NBA live, among other sports.
  • Bwin: It has a very simple live betting section, which makes it easy for us to quickly locate the event or market that interests us. An agility in navigation that is always of great help.
  • Britain Bet: one of the most complete sports betting sites in the the UK, with an excellent live betting offer that is completed with streaming and the option to sell bets.
  • Bet365: its live odds stand out above the rest, being a reference operator for many bettors. It offers a multitude of streaming events, and allows us to cash out while following the event.
  • 888Sport: its offer of live sporting events is one of the widest we can find and, although it does not have a streaming service, it has the most complete live statistical information.

Best football betting sites

No one will be surprised if we say that football betting is the most popular among UK players. But, which are the best football betting sites? We have listed them below:

  • Sportingbet: leagues, cups, friendly matches, national teams or special football bets, all of them have a place in Sportingbet. One of the betting sites that best takes care of the football market.
  • Ladbrokes: it offers us a wide variety of football markets, including Asian lines, with the addition that its odds have a lot of value and we can build our own bet.
  • LeoVegas: If we are looking for the best football betting odds, it is easy to find it at LeoVegas. It has all the markets you can imagine except player bets.
  • Fun Sports: one of the new betting sites in UK has a good football betting offer. We will highlight the presence of women’s soccer betting, it has bet builder.
  • Vbet: one of the betting sites that applies the least margin on its odds, offering excellent odds and extensive coverage of football markets and leagues.

More information about the best bookmakers

Any ranking on sports betting sites is subjective. Surely if you compare a betting site with a friend, each of you will have a different opinion. In part, because each player has his own way of approaching each bet, he looks for different things. Even so, informing ourselves about bets and best bookmakers is the best way to ensure a correct choice.

A beginner’s guide to online betting sites

Are you new in sports betting? The first step is to choose a betting site, something that is never easy. Luckily, we have taken it upon ourselves to analyze the different legal betting sites in the UK and offer you the most complete information about each of them. But first, we are going to solve some questions that you should know.

How betting sites work

Each betting site establishes odds for an event or market. These odds depend on the probabilities that the bookmaker gives for an event to happen, but also on the money that comes in for one option or another. The user decides whether or not they are interested in entering that quota. If so, play a certain amount and, if the bet is a winner, collect the result of multiplying the odds by the amount bet. If the bet is a loser, you lose the money; If it is void or cancelled, you recover the money played.

Types of betting sites

In the vast majority of cases, the player bets against the bookmaker. This is what is known as traditional betting sites. However, there are also cross or exchange bookmakers, where the user bets against other players and the bookie only acts as an intermediary. It is a quite popular model in other countries, but in the UK case, today, only Betfair Exchange offers us exchange bets. The important thing:

  • Traditional bookmakers: we play against the bookmaker.
  • Exchange bookmakers: we play against other users.

How to choose a betting site in 5 easy steps

Now that you know all this, we can choose a betting site. We have already said that the sports betting license, the offer of sporting events or the wide variety of markets are key factor. But with dozens of UK betting sites that meet these requirements, the choice is never easy. Especially when new betting sites arrive periodically. To make your decision easier, we explain how to choose a betting site step by step:

  1. Consult the table of recommended betting sites: at we only work with betting sites licensed to operate in the UK. 100% legal betting sites.
  2. Choose the operator you like the most: based on our analysis or the comments of your friends, you will surely like some operator more than another. Click to access it.
  3. Visit the bookmaker: before registering, you can confirm your opinion, see their offer of sports, events and markets, analyze their odds, payment options, etc. This will help you decide.
  4. Registration with bookmakers: To start playing, register with the bookmaker. Simply fill out the form with your personal information (full name, ID, address) and verify the account.
  5. Make your first deposit: all you need to do is access the payment platform. Select the method you are going to use and complete the deposit to have funds and start playing.

Verify a betting site account

Once you register with your bookmaker, you will see that they regularly ask us to verify the account. This is an essential requirement to be able to enjoy a complete gaming experience, from depositing or withdrawing funds from our account to accessing promotions. To verify your account , you just have to upload your ID or passport, a photo of sufficient quality to verify identity. You may be asked for additional documentation, especially before processing a withdrawal.

Popular payment methods at online bookmakers

Not all betting sites offer us the same payment methods. In most cases deposits and withdrawals using bank cards or E-wallets are available. However, more and more betting sites are choosing to offer alternative methods to make things easier for their users. These are the 10 most popular payment methods in UK betting sites:

  • VISA/MasterCard: debit or credit cards, used to deposit or withdraw.
  • Bank Transfer: mainly used to withdraw when there is no other option.
  • PayPal: very widespread, we avoid sharing our banking details with anyone.
  • Skrill: the most functional electronic wallet, enabled in practically all bookies.
  • Neteller: like the previous two, a totally secure and very popular eWallet.
  • PaySafeCard: the great handicap of these prepaid cards is that they only allow deposits.
  • ecoPayz: prepaid account increasingly established in the world of online gaming.
  • Local deposits/withdrawals: a very practical option for operators with a physical presence.

The most popular betting markets

  • Winner: It is the first thing we think about when we talk about betting, the winner of the match. In sports like soccer, things get complicated because we add the variable tie.
  • Double chance: allows us to cover two of the three possible options (home, draw or away) in winning bets. A very interesting market.
  • Over/under: we bet on the total of goals, points, games, sets, innings… The betting sites offer us a line, and we bet on whether it will be surpassed or not.
  • Asian handicap: when win bets have no value, we can add a handicap. The Asian lines fulfill this function, and the bet can also be resolved as void, partial success or partial failure.
  • Statistical bets: corner kicks, cards, fouls, possession of the ball, offsides… We can even add bets on goals here.
  • Winner/placer: a popular market in horse or greyhound betting, also in races such as Formula 1 or Moto GP, but also for League champion. You collect part of the prize if your bet finishes among the top 2, 3 or 4 depending on the type of bet.

How many betting sites can we register with?

The same user can register only once in a betting site, but can register in as many bookmakers as they consider necessary. Sometimes we sign up with a bookmaker and it ends up disappointing us, so we look for an alternative. We can also register with an bookmaker to bet on certain markets. Registering with various sports betting sites has its pros and cons, which we listed below:

  • We can access more sports and competitions. If it is not with an bookmaker, another will offer it to us.
  • The best odds. The more betting options you have, the easier it will be to find the best odds for an event.
  • You can also try the different functions. For example, if one betting site has streaming and another does not, when we register with an bookmaker without cash out or without bet builder and we want to enjoy this option.
  • Registering is free. You don’t lose anything by signing up for a betting site. If you try it and don’t like it, just withdraw your funds and close the account.
  • You will have to compare bookmakers odds.
  • It will be difficult to compare in live betting. If you bet live, you will have to be quick so we recommend not doing it on several websites at the same time.
  • From time to time we receive advertising by email or mobile phone, the more bookies have your data, the more advertising you will receive.

Sports Betting FAQs

Which is the best UK betting site?

It is very difficult to talk about the best betting site. In general terms, we can say that 
Bet365 is the most complete bookmaker on the market, more than 22 million users cannot be wrong. But if you are looking for the best odds to bet on, the answer may change.

How do betting sites work?

Each bookmaker sets the odds for an event or market. The player bets against the bookmaker, which deducts a small commission from the odds. If the player guesses correctly, he wins the bet; If it fails, the bookmaker takes the prize. We recommend you visit our betting glossary for more information.

How are betting odds calculated?

Betting sites calculate odds based on the implicit probability they give to an event. To do this, they divide 100% by the probability. For example, if you are given a 75% probability the odds will be 1.33 (100%/75%). From this figure we will have to subtract the commission applied by the betting site.